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2019 HFLS Scholarship Recipients

2019 Scholarship Recipients

* Christian Floyd, White Oak H.S.
Horaney Family Memorial Scholarship…….$10,000
* Brayden Vancil, Kilgore H.S.
Jerry Lucy Memorial Scholarship
(Sponsored by Upshur Rural Electric)……….$9,000
* Josey Darby, Harmony H.S.
Patsy B. Hollandsworth Scholarship………….$8,000
* Logan Littlejohn, Hallsville H.S.
Harvest Festival Scholarship……………………$7,000
* Cade Judd, Union Grove H.S.
Harvest Festival Scholarship……………………$6,000
* Kacee Gasper, Elysian Fields H.S.
Harvest Festival Scholarship……………………$5,000
* Tomi Capps, Lindale H.S.
Harvest Festival Scholarship……………………$4,000
* Ashleigh Sugg, Henderson H.S.
Harvest Festival Scholarship……………………$4,000
* Wilson Nugent, Gilmer H.S.
Harvest Festival Scholarship……………………$3,000
* Madeline Barber, Gilmer H.S.
Harvest Festival Scholarship……………………$3,000
* Tom Smelley, Hallsville H.S.
Harvest Festival Vocational Scholarship……$2,500
* Ryan Denton, White Oak H.S.
Harvest Festival Vocational Scholarship……$2,500

The Harvest Festival and Livestock Show will provide scholarships for outstanding FFA or 4-H club members. The top scholarship winner will be awarded the 4-year Albert Horaney Memorial Scholarship.

Officials of the Harvest Festival and Livestock Show will disburse the scholarship funds after completion of each semester and upon receipt of the college transcript for the semester completed. Scholarship winners may attend any accredited junior or four-year college. One vocational school scholarship will also be awarded.

Harvest Festival Scholarship students are responsible for submitting their transcripts of twelve or more earned college credit hours (minimum 2.0 GPA cumulative) to receive scholarship funds for that semester. If student hours are under the minimum (i.e. 2.0 GPA) no scholarship funds will be distributed for that semester, to that student.

Students must attend semesters consecutively or the scholarship will be forfeited. If there are extenuating circumstances, the student must contact the committee for approval.

Payment requested for scholarship funds must be submitted on or before the beginning of the next semester, or funds will be forfeited.

Copies of transcripts from previous semester must be received at Shannon Fell, 904 North Sixth Street, Longview, Texas 75601 before the funds will be distributed.

For additional information on the two scholarships, CALL 903-236-8429.


Select one of the applications below. Once open, go to File and then Download As to get the format you prefer.

College Scholarship Application

Vocational Scholarship Application

Previous Winner Photos


  1. Applicant must have participated as an exhibitor at the Harvest Festival for a minimum of 2 years during his/her high school career.
  2. Only graduating seniors are eligible to apply.
  3. It will be mandatory that scholarship winners attend an accredited college/university (College Scholarship) or vocational/technical school (Vocational Scholarship) the fall semester immediately following his or her selection, unless special permission is granted by the Harvest Festival & Livestock Show Board of Directors.
  4. Qualifications will be based on need, scholarship, leadership, citizenship, participation in the Harvest Festival and project work.
  5. Applicant’s scholastic rating for the first 3 years of high school career should be high enough to place the applicant in the upper half of his or her class for the College Scholarship (not applicable to the Vocational Scholarship).
  6. High School transcripts signed by superintendent or principal must accompany application.
  7. Candidates must have taken the ACT or SAT and the official results must be attached to the application for the College Scholarship (not applicable to the Vocational Scholarship).
  8. Three letters of recommendation must be attached.
  9. A photograph of the applicant must accompany the application.
  1. Applications should be postmarked or hand delivered to Gregg County Extension Office, located at 405 East Marshall, Suite 101, Longview, Texas 75601, no later than March 1.
  2. Winners will be announced at the Harvest Festival and Livestock Show Crawfish Boil.
  3. Applicants should fill out an official Harvest Festival and Livestock Show Scholarship Application Form

Through the efforts of the Harvest Festival supporters, we award scholarships to area high school graduates. We will award as many scholarships as possible from the proceeds of sale animals donated back to the scholarship fund by the purchasers as well as profits from the annual crawfish boil.

Mr. Albert Horaney was a life long supporter of 4-H and FFA youth in East Texas. He was a charter member of the Harvest Festival Board of Directors. Albert was a great supporter of the lamb shows, purchasing the champion each year, as well as many other projects.

Horaney Scholarship Winners

2019 – Christian Floyd
2018 – Tanner Miller
2017 – Taylin Antonick
2016 – Caitlyn Reed
2015 – Emily Jernigan
2014 – Elissa Irvin
2013 – Trevor O’Quinn
2012 –  Brian Richardson
2011 – Treyson Antonick
2010 – Chelsi Borders
2009 – Shelby Thomas
2008 – Kaleigh Todd
2007 – Jennifer Smith
2006 – Kristen Halbert
2005 – Kevin Kerr
2004 – Anthony Viramontes
2003 – Julie Dillard
2002 – Stacy Byrd
2001 – Will Smelley
2000 – Brooke Snoddy
1999 – Vicki Kerr
1998 – Dee Smelley
1997 – Brian Youngblood
1996 – Wendy Smelley


2019 – Brayden Vancil
2018 – McKenzie Castro
2017 – Spencer Franklin
2014 – Courtney Gipson
2013 – James English
2012 – Katie Garrett
2011 – Bethany Nolan
2010 – Brittany Rogers
2009 – Joshua Jarvis
2008 – Justin Loyd
2007 – Kristi Cox
2006 – J.B. Lewis
2005 – Kara McDowell
2004 – Rebekah Lorenz
2003 – Fancy Dillard
2002 – Jonathan Hunt


2019 – Josey Darby
2018 – Kaylee Fyffe
2017 – Cheyenne Swoope
2016 – Mallory Mobley
2015 – Brynn Darby
2014 – Pake Cox
2013 – Robyn Key
2012 – Miriah Humphreys, Catherine Garland
2011 – Shelbie Futrell
2010 – Linsie Weatherford, Cody Daniels
2009 – Ethan Meadows, Tanner Antonick
2008 – Jordan Shaw, Jessica Olson
2007 – Marcy Moseley, Wesley Lawless
2006 – Stacie Baugh
2005 – Taylor Whyte

2019 – Ryan Denton, Tom Smelley, Madeline Barber, Wilson Nugent, Ashleigh Sugg, Tomi Capps, Kacee Gasper, Cade Judd, Logan Littlejohn
2018 – Cameron Gipson, Madison Vestal, Brianna Parker, Logan Parish, Grace Ann O’Dom, Kathleen Warren, Jeramie Rogers
2017 – Kylie Layton, Kelsey Witt, Kayla Owings, Destinee Oney, Collin Clifford, Matthew Nichols, Cheyenne Zahn
2016 – Sydni Borders, Savannah Woods, Kelsy Mattingly, Natalie O’Quinn, Zach Troell, Colby Gipson, Reese Matthews
2015 – Jacob Duncan, William Harrison, Kate Trotter, Cole Wood, Victoria Umling, Ross Thorn
2014 – Haygan Thomas, Allison Taff, Callie Faul, Shelby Johnson, Jayce Mitchell
2013 – Dominick Phillips, Rachel Cole, Cody Conway, Cade Hart, Mason Knapps
2012 – Collin Beattie, Carrie Dean, Haley Simmons
2011 – Kathryn Smith, Lindsey Dodgen, Peyton Hunter, Tennie Smelley, Marina Linkinholker, Ronald Olson
2010 – Holly Allen, Sarah Dean
2009 – Crystal Odum, Tobie Montelbano, Ashley Middlebrooks, Brittni Littlejohn, Tanner Hunter
2008 –  Cody Jones, Hollye Simpson, Bracie Vowell, Ronald Tuttle Chris Haden,     Justin Hollonquist
2007 –Amy Kinkaid, Isaac Meadows
2006 –Mandy Wellborn, Laura Clark, Lacey McGinnis, Bradley Rogers, Brandi Hopkins
2005 –Dale Tuttle, Alice Patton, Sarah Pyeatt, Jami Whorton, Whitney Kerby, Brette Campbell
2004 –  Christi Taylor, Renae Garrison, Shane Johnson, Brett Newman, Brooke Williams, Zachary Thompson, Teresa Tuttle
2003 –  Kristen Clark, Jena Dillard, Anna Tuttle, Cory Newman
2002 – Bobbi Pivonka
2002 –  Kimber Halbert, Travis Tuttle, Brady Thompson, Brian Key
2001 – Kristy Kerr, AlgieTuttle, Autumn Lewis, Jacqueln Hall, Jassica Isaacks
2000 – Kristal Zimmers, Laura Patterson, Rebecca Strachan, Katy Lewis, Tiffany Guin, Robert Namez, Travis Baugh, Sara Deason
1999 – Misty Cook, Matthew Cunningham, Matt Douglas, Rhiannon Gage, Misty Lewis, Amanda McDowall, Erin Prather, Angela Robbins, Shaye Rogers
1998 – Jamie Dillard, Kristen Holley, Brad Pinkston, Allison Cox, Emily Ashby, Chris Robinson, Tristan Brown, Melissa Maines, Joseph Lee Houston, Kasey Brightwell
1997 –  Chandra Turner, Alecia Grace, Torri White, Jeffery Freeman, Timothy Cavel
1996 – Matt Maines, Molly Lewis, Teresa Holder, Amy Woodley
1995 – Kevin Youngblood, Susan Bondurant, Brandy Snoddy, Misty Dawn Searcy, Mardra Ashby, Adam Hendrix
1994 – Ronnie Robinson, Mark Byrd, Erin Strickland, Jeff McKinney, Kendall Barrett
1993 – Jane Bondurant, Jodie Word, Angela Boyd, Carmen Youngblood, David Fenton
1992 – Todd Smith, Jimmy Arp, Todd Mayes, Julie Jackson, Steven Eitleman
1991 – Trenton Ashby, Dustin Harrell, Brent Tucker, Carl Sims
1990 – Stelvin Mitchell, Maria Alaniz, Mandy Strickland, Lowell Randel, Bradley Clyde Petty, Ken Russell
1989 – Christi McDaniel, Carl Harrell, Jay Edward Ray, Robert Gribble
1988 – Greg Richardson, Mikyela Ashby, Melanie Tucker, Jeremy Johnson, Walter A. Dale, Janet Dillard
1987 – Darin McKenzie, Sherry Fortson, Dina Reynolds, Ty Clevenger
1986 – Bill Stone, David Magee, Buffy Scott, Winn Rosser, Carol Jackson, Shane Sherwood
1985 – Stewart Corbin, Tammy Jo Weaver, Larry Fortson
1984 – Tommy Query, Kevin Mckenzie, Sheryl Richardson, Kevin McDaniels, Richard Waycasy
1983 – Cynthia Orms, James Williams, Shannon McKenzie
1982 – Lynn Young, D’Ann Stone, Joel McKnight, Tawnya Grooms
1981 – Linda Renfrow
1980 – Don Nichols
1979 – Kirk Conder
1978 – Steve Ward

2016 – Jake Greer
2014 – Tell DeFreece
2013 – Jackson McQueen
2012 – Ashton Watts
2011 – Brittany Patterson
2010 – Eric Applegate, Sarah Dean
2009 – Miranda Humphreys
2008 – Daniel McAfee II
2007 – Wade Whyte


2011 – Jacob Steph
2010 – Kaylea Clower
2009 – Jace Kerby


2008 – Leslie McQueen
2007 – Angel Futrell


2003 – Lindsey Sampson
2002 – Lauren Robbins
2001 – Lindsay Michel


2003 – Josh Edmonson
2002 – Ben Applegate


2002  – Monika Brindley


1997 – Leah Smith
1996 – Christie Earp
1995 – Sissy Casper
1994 – Heather White
1993 – Kerry Shea Carver
1992 – Heath White

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