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General Rules- 2023 Harvest Festival

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    1. The Harvest Festival and Livestock Show is open to all 4-H and FFA members in good standing between the ages of 8 (and in the 3rd grade) as of August 31, 2023 and 19 years of age in Gregg, Harrison, Rusk, Smith and Upshur Counties. They must be enrolled in public or private elementary or secondary schools. The Harvest Festival will comply with all requirements of the Texas Education Code concerning eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities. Failure of a student to comply with this requirement will result in disqualification from participating in any part of the Harvest Festival. If an exhibitor is ineligible to participate, their project(s) are also ineligible. Substitute exhibitors will not be allowed for students who are ineligible due to failing grades and all entry fees will be forfeited for the ineligible exhibitor. The Heifer and Prospect Steer Show will be open to all counties. 
    2. All livestock exhibits will be under the direction of the show management, but the show will in no case be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur. All animals, whether entered singularly or in groups, must be the legal property of the exhibitor. There shall be no joint ownership of animals. All animals must be fed and cared for by the exhibitor from time of ownership until date of the show and verified by the County Extension Agent or Agriculture Science Teacher.
    3. Each exhibitor is entitled to enter and exhibit no more than two (2) entries per division that can qualify for the premium sale (exception broilers).  This would involve market steers, hogs, lambs, goats, rabbits, roasters, Ag Mechanics, food creation, and photography in Home Economics.  All projects must be exhibited, shown, and sold by their owner. However, exhibitor substitutions may be allowed under certain conditions. In all cases, the division superintendent must approve the exhibitor substitution and will do so only if certain conditions are met.
    4. Other school activity-This substitution request must be made in writing by the parent or CEA/AST using the substitute exhibitor form provided by the livestock show. The request must be accompanied by a statement signed by a school administrator stating the specific reason a substitute exhibitor is being requested. Multiple names may be listed on one statement. The completed substitute exhibitor form and attached letter must be returned to the division superintendent prior to weigh-in of that division’s show or before the sale (if absent).
    5. Sickness– This substitution request must be made in writing by the parent or CEA/AST using the substitute exhibitor form provided by the livestock show. The request must be accompanied by a statement, signed by a physician. The completed substitute exhibitor form and attached letter must be returned to the superintendent prior to the start of that division’s show or before the sale (if absent).
    6. More than one entry in a class or the exhibitor has entries in more than one species showing at the same time– This substitution request must be made in writing by the parent or CEA/AST using the substitute exhibitor form provided by the livestock show. This should be done as soon as the problem arises, but in any case, no later than the start of the respective show.
    7. In any of these situations listed above, or in the case of an emergency, the superintendent may use his/her discretion as to whether a substitute showman will be allowed. A substitute exhibitor:
      -Must be an eligible participant at the current show
      -May only be a substitute for one individual per division
      -Will NOT be eligible to use the substitute animal in showmanship
    8. Diseased animals are barred entry at all times into the livestock show grounds.
    9. No animal that has previously sold in a Premium Show will be eligible to be shown or sold at the Harvest Festival and Livestock Show.
    10. All applications for entry must be made on official Harvest Festival and Livestock Show entry forms in accordance with instructions on each, giving department, class, class number, age, state or Harvest Festival validation tag number, and all other necessary information. NOTE: All market animal (market steer, goats, lamb, swine, roaster, broiler, meat pen) exhibitors are required to complete the “Quality Counts” program online, pass the quiz, and provide their certification number on the entry form.
    11. Each exhibitor entering market animals (market steer, goat, lamb, swine, poultry, meat pen) is also required to submit a signed “2023 Harvest Festival Livestock Exhibition Policy” form. The form is on the website and will be made available at each validation.
    12. In all cases, the show management reserves the right to reject, or accept conditionally, an application for entry and does not guarantee space in the exhibition buildings.
    13. The online entry deadline for the 2023 show will be October 1. Late entries will be accepted until October 15th with doubled entry fees. All entries must be entered online at and due October 1st including Home Economics. All group entry forms with signatures, check for group’s entry fees, and printed copy of cart total due from the group’s online entries must be postmarked by October 4, 2023 and mailed to the Harvest Festival Livestock Show, 904 N. Sixth St., Longview, TX 75601 or hand delivered to the same address (Bodacious Bar-B-Q) before 5 pm October 4, 2023.  All entries must be done as a group by the County 4-H Agent or FFA Advisor ONLY…not individual entries. All entry fees should be paid using one check for the group/chapter’s cart total. The exception will be the Heifer and Prospect Steer Show in which entries will be accepted up until the day of the show. All online entries received by the Harvest Festival will be available for viewing on the website by Friday, October 6, 2023. Teachers, parents, or exhibitors may check the website to insure individual’s entries have been received.
    14. Any questions or conflicts concerning entries will be heard by: 1) Board President; 2) Show Superintendent; 3) Asst. Show Superintendent; 4) Division Superintendent; 5) Asst. Division Superintendent.
    15. To be a legal entry, the exhibitor must have submitted A) A signed Harvest Festival Exhibition Policy form (market animals only); B) A signed validation form (if validation was required); C) A certificate number after completing the “Quality Counts” online program prior to completing a livestock entry form (number is required on the entry form); D) A signed entry form with validation number provided (when applicable); E) Correct entry fee included.
    16. Entry fees will not be refunded after having been accepted.
    17. The showing of unethically fitted livestock or livestock of an ineligible age for exhibition in the class entered is prohibited. Unethical fitted animals will be barred from exhibition. Animals that have been given any form of intoxicating beverage, tranquilizer or other drug affecting mood or attitude prior to judging will be disqualified. Any product administered internally or used externally to alter the appearance or conformation of an animal for exhibition is prohibited and will be cause for disqualification. This includes but is not limited to stomach pumping, airing injections and bruising. The use of graphite, powders, dyes, hemp, false tailheads, glued on hair, or hair-like substances, or other similar substances externally and steroids, growth stimulants or artificial filling internally is prohibited. Exhibitors found heating aerosol spray cans will be disqualified from the show.
    18. Showmanship: To participate in the Showmanship Class the animal must be owned by the exhibitor and shown in the regular show prior to Showmanship Class. Showmanship will be divided into three divisions: Junior 8-11 years, Intermediate 12-14 years, and Senior 15 and Up. These Classes will receive trophy buckles in 2023.
    19. Livestock will not be allowed to be moved into the fairgrounds before 10:00 am on Wednesday, Oct. 25th with the exception of rabbits.
    20. All entries must be in place by 8:00 p.m. on October 25, 2023 with the exception of poultry & rabbits. Market animal division weigh-ins are listed on the “Schedule of Events” with the dates/times included. Once a livestock project receives an official legal weight, they cannot be re-weighed.
    21. Once animals arrive, they are to stay inside fenced area from 8:00 p.m. Wednesday until released or written permission is granted from the show superintendents and division superintendents.
    22. The release date and time is listed in the Schedule of Events. All swine, lambs, and goats qualifying for the premium sale should be housed in the swine barn after the goat show Friday. All non-sale animals remaining after the steer show Friday must be removed from the fairgrounds to allow room for cattle at the jackpot show on Saturday.
    23. The judge’s decision shall be final in all classes.
    24. Judging will not be delayed for animals entering the arena late.
    25. All stalls, pens and exhibition places must be cleaned before 7:00 a.m. each day and refuse matter disposed of as directed by livestock show. ALL EXHIBITORS MUST CLEAN THEIR STALL AND PEN AREA, AND REFUSE DEPOSITED AT DESIGNATED AREAS BEFORE BEING RELEASED. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL CAUSE FORFEITURE OF AWARDS.
    26. Any animal on exhibition may not be removed from the grounds prior to its release time without a special order given by the Show Superintendent.
    27. All exhibitors must be under the supervision of a County Agent or Ag Science Instructor in Gregg, Harrison, Smith, Rusk or Upshur Counties.
    28. All animals exhibited in this show must be owned by a FFA or 4-H Club member in good standing and have been personally fed and cared for by the same, continuously from the required ownership date to the date of the show.
    29. A signature of a CEA/AST shall be required on all entry forms attesting to the eligibility of the entry for the show.
    30. The total number of premium sale lots and number of lots per division will be determined each year by the board or a committee of board members appointed by the board president.
    31. Exhibitors are limited to two (2) lots in the premium sale with no more than one (1) lot from any single division, including poultry (roasters and broilers fall under the same division…poultry).
    32. Sale order selection-In divisions where all entries are shown together (meat pens, roasters, broilers, Home Economics-Food Creations), the sale lots designated for that division will be determined by the order of the final placing by the judge(s).
      a. If an exhibitor has two (2) entries in the same division they want considered for sale order, after their first entry is selected, the remaining entry must be removed.
      b. In divisions with multiple classes (steers, lambs, goats), after the selection of the grand/reserve champions, each eligible animal an exhibitor wants to be considered for sale order selection will be brought back to the ring and lined up in the order they were placed in class. The judge will select the remaining sale lot participants in the order of their preference. As an animal is selected, the next highest placing animal is moved up to represent that class. This continues until all sale lots are filled and alternates are selected.
      c. In the swine show, all eligible 1st and 2nd place animals automatically qualify for the premium sale. After selection of grand/reserve champion, the remaining 1st and 2nd place hogs only will show for the first wave of the sale order. The judge will select the remaining sale lot participants beginning with 3rd place in each class in order of their preference. As an animal is selected, the next highest placing animal is moved up to represent that class. This continues until all sale lots are filled and alternates are selected.
    33. Ag Mechanics sale lots will be selected in order of preference by the judge(s).
    34. ***** Exhibitors who wish to withdraw their project from the Sale must do so no later than one hour after the Market Steer Show on Friday.
    35. Any exhibitor with an animal or animals in the Harvest Festival Sale has the responsibility of dispersing their animal or animals. The exhibitor must check with the Sale Manager and be released by the same before seller’s obligations are fulfilled.
    36. ***Anytime a project is removed from the sale order, the next project in that division will be moved up.  ***This Excludes Grand and Reserve Champions
    37. Any exhibitor known to contact the buyer the night of the sale or after to “negotiate” ownership of the animal will be disqualified from future Harvest Festival Livestock Shows.
    38. A sale fee of 5% (five percent) will be charged to all animals sold. This includes price of pictures for buyers.
    39. Dogs will not be allowed in the livestock area, barns or exhibit areas.
    40. Harvest Festival Sale checks will be released to advisors on a specified date only after proof of each exhibitor’s thank you note is shown to the board member who is distributing the sale checks.
    41. Failure to comply with any of the above rules and regulations may result in the forfeiture of eligibility for future shows at the discretion of the Superintendent or Board of Directors.
    42. Rules for Protests and consequences

                      Protest Policy:

                      All protests must be in writing and be accompanied by a deposit of $200.00 per entry being protested, which will be forfeited if protest is not sustained.  The protesting party will be financially responsible for all drug tests and other related expenses regardless of the outcome. Such protest must state plainly the cause of the complaint or appeal, and must be delivered to the Livestock Show Management (Show Superintendent, Division Superintendent, Division Assistant Superintendent, or HFLS Officers) by the end of the sale order placing for the division for such protest. Protests will also be accepted prior to judging. Judging procedures will not be interrupted for protest investigation. Judge’s decisions are not subject to protest. Determinations regarding classes and the splitting of classes shall be made at the sole discretion of the show official and are not subject to review or protest. The judgment of the sifting committee and classifiers is final and not subject to protest. Depending on the basis of the protest, a decision may be withheld until a complete investigation is done.

                      Penalty for Violation

                      Any exhibitors and all other parties found in violation of Harvest Festival and Livestock Show rules are subject to, but not limited to, the following penalties:

                      1st Offense: Sale money is forfeited and all prizes (buckles, class prizes, division prizes, etc) are returned to HFLS. Exhibitor will serve a 1 year suspension or if drug use is involved, may agree to mandatory testing for all livestock entries from that same family in the following show and pay all related costs.

                      2nd Offense: Sale money is forfeited and all prizes (buckles, class prizes, division prizes, etc) are returned to HFLS. Exhibitor is banned for life.


                                 Rule for Health Requirements:

                      All livestock must meet the health requirements and regulations governing admission of livestock into shows, fairs and exhibitions in Texas.  All Harvest Festival Livestock entries are subject to random selection for drug testing at the discretion of the Livestock Show Superintendent or any Division Superintendent with board approval. The use of animal drugs or other substances in any manner other than in accord with the labeling approved by the FDA is a violation of federal law and Harvest Festival & Livestock Show rules. Exhibitor and exhibitor’s parents/guardians agree that: (a) they are absolutely and completely responsible for the care and custody of their animal(s), (b) the Harvest Festival & Livestock Show shall be entitled to disqualify an exhibitor whose animal tests positive for any drug, even if the exhibitor and the exhibitor’s parents/guardians are innocent of any wrongdoing and did not administer the drug and (c) the drug test results of the testing laboratory are final and binding upon the exhibitor and the exhibitor’s parents/guardians. The source of the drug or method of administration is not in question…only the presence of the drug. Drug test results from the testing lab are final and binding to the exhibitor/family.


                      44. An exhibitor has the right to pull their animal prior to the championship drive disqualifying themselves from the sale of said animal.

                      45. All grand champion and reserve champions must sell.  However, in the event that an individual exhibits more than two (2) of any combination of grand or reserve champions eligible for the premium sale, the exhibitor can determine which two champions they intend to sell and will be allowed to keep all champion awards.  The unsold champion’s slot in the sale would be vacated and the next alternate in that division would be added to complete the division’s sale lot numbers.

                      46. Any animal deemed to be unruly may be removed from the show grounds and/or show ring at the sole discretion of the superintendents.


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